Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Book

Finally, I have published my book - six years in the making along with fourteen years of care giving. It’s available on Kindle. Later there will be a hard copy but for now it's readable as an e-book. I hope the story will inspire other caregivers. Here's a summary:

Susan and Bob felt they were living their dream life. They lived in Bali, had a growing business together, they traveled and they were still very much in love even after fourteen years of marriage. When Alzheimer’s hijacked their lives, Susan vowed to give Bob the best life possible.

 Written honestly and vividly, Piece by Piece: Love in the Land of Alzheimer’s tells a caregiver’s story of facing the emotional, physical and every day challenges inherent in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease for fourteen years. Susan shares the practical lessons and techniques learned along the way to help other caregiver’s in their journey with Alzheimer’s. 

This is also a story of following one’s dreams, travel, adventure, and finding humor and insights in life’s challenges. Above all, this is a story of enduring love. 

                            AVAILABLE ON KINDLE